Web Customer Service Signature Course

Today’s technology-reliant customer has become accustomed to immediate responses and fast resolutions when dealing with airline customer service centers. The proliferation of service channels , has caused both traditional and internet-based airlines to focus on handling customer support in a more timely and effective manner. This course is designed for attendees to acquire key insights on trends and developments in web customer service and learn of the critical ingredients necessary to offer exceptional web customer service to travelers. Areas such as customer behavior, management of information and people, satisfactory customer problem resolution and the ability to sustain longterm relationships are all central to this valuable course.

Course Highlights

  • Understand what “good” customer service means to online travelers
  • Enhance your insight on the cost of customer service channels: Offline versus online
  • Learn how to use preemptive support so that customer issues do not turn into problems
  • Study how to build a successful portfolio of offline and digital service service channels
  • Increase the effectiveness of digital customer service via smart website design and the right organizational set-up
  • Understand what metrics to use for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service
  • Assess the web customer service practices of leading e-commerce airlines via numerous case studies
  • Initial recommendations of how to build and maintain a successful web customer service strategy for your company

Course Outline

Section 1

The Fundamentals

  1. Customer service issues: Why do they exist?
  2. The customer service issue resolution life cycle
  3. When is customer service “good”?
  4. The cost of customer service
  5. Overview of customer assisted vs customer self-service channels and their benefits and challenges

Section 2

Managing Web Customer Service

  1. Crucial elements in developing and maintaining superiors web customer service
  2. Organizational responsibility for web customer service. Inhousing, offshoring, and outsourcing: What are the best options for web customer service?
  3. Dedicated vs shared customer support
  4. Analytics and measurement of web customer service
  5. Designing websites for customer self-service. Case study: British Airways, EasyJet, Swiss Intl.
  6. Focus: Airline customer service via mobile sites and apps
  7. Managing customer service through social media: Case study KLM
  8. A customer service role for avatars? Case study Alaska Airlines
  9. Opportunities and challenges in offering customer service that is and integrated between different service channels

Fee for this 2-day seminar: $2,800

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