Vietnam Airlines signs SkaiBlu for digital transformation project

SkaiBlu is pleased to announce that it has been hired by Vietnam Airlines to assist in the company’s digital transformation. The objective is to further strengthen the carrier’s online capabilities and make it one of the leading airline companies in cyberspace. In support of this objective, SkaiBlu and Vietnam Airlines will implement over the next months a number of digital strategies for customer-facing areas including marketing, sales, and service.

SkaiBlu releases 2018 digital airline score (DAS) benchmark report

The benchmark report provides for insight on the digital competitiveness of 90 carriers from different airline alliances, geographies, and business models. It is the first of its kind and is based on proprietary research conducted by SkaiBlu. The report helps assess airlines in their cyberspace performance compared to that of their rivals and identify opportunities for improvement in digital transformation.

Bain & Company rehires SkaiBlu

The consulting firm Bain hires SkaiBlu for an update on a prior study of e-sales performances and e-distribution practices of selected carriers from Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the US. This project is part of an ongoing benchmark study that Bain currently undertakes in the Russian aviation market.

Vietnam Airlines Invites SkaiBlu to Hanoi for Digital Strategy Assessment

SkaiBlu follows an invitation by Vietnam Airlines for an on-site assessment in Hanoi of the carrier’s digital strengths and weaknesses. During the week-long stay, SkaiBlu will meet with different department heads and senior management including the CEO Mr. Duong Tri Thanh. The objective of this visit is to develop an initial strategy to improve the carrier’s current competitiveness of

Airbus Training Academy chooses SkaiBlu for client seminars

Airbusiness, the Toulouse-based training academy of Airbus Industrie, partners with SkaiBlu for delivering inhouse seminars on digital aviation at selected corporate clients in 2017. Conducted in the form of lectures, video presentations, and workshops, these corporate seminars provide for insight in the e-commerce fundamentals of the airline business, an overview of the latest digital trends & developments, and an analysis of best practices for a transformative e-commerce strategy.

Bain & Company engages SkaiBlu for data analytics

The consulting firm Bain hires SkaiBlu to do an assessment of e-sales performances and e-distribution practices of selected carriers from Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the US. This project is part of a larger benchmark study that Bain currently undertakes in the Russian aviation market.

McKinsey hires SkaiBlu for digital benchmark study

SkaiBlu has been engaged by McKinsey to conduct a digital airline score (DAS) analysis involving selected US carriers for an industry benchmark study. The DAS methodology was created by SkaiBlu and comprehensively assesses an airline’s competitiveness in key digital areas. From digital platforms, online data privacy, and website features to online marketing, e-sales & distribution, and web customer service, SkaiBlu tracks and scores a carrier’s performance in these areas through 28 proxy indicators.

SkaiBlu founder releases text book on digital aviation

Airline e-Commerce

SkaiBlu founder Michael Hanke has released “Airline E-commerce: Log on. Take off.”, a text book on digital aviation. The first of its kind, this book is an in-depth introduction to airline e-commerce. It covers a broad scope of areas that are essential to an airline’s ongoing digital transformation. These include airlines’ digital properties and their features, e-marketing, e-sales & distribution, web customer service, e-commerce organization designs, and e-commerce strategy.

A number of industry experts have commented on Michael’s new book including Kevin McQuillan, Head of and mobile channels, British Airways: “Dr Hanke’s book provides a fascinating insight into the history and growth of e-commerce in airlines, as well as the challenges now facing companies within this fast-paced area of our business. A great read for practitioners and customers alike.

The book can be ordered online in hardcover or paperback format; an e-book version is also available.

China Airlines selects SkaiBlu for web accessibility testing

SkaiBlu has been selected by China Airlines from Taiwan to complete accessibility testing for in the US. This is part of China Airlines’ drive to provide equal access to its website for online bookings and self-servicing for all travelers including web users with disabilities. Equal website access is rooted in US DOT rules and the agency’s continuation implementation of the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986. According to the UN, there are worldwide over 650 million people with disabilities. Together with their families, this means that approximately two billion people are directly affected by disability. This issue is expected to become more prominent with ageing societies in key travel markets.

NIIT Technologies partners with SkaiBlu for BA mobile app assessment project

NIIT Technologies, one of the world’s leading IT solution providers to the global airline industry, has recruited SkaiBlu to participate in an assessment of the airline industry mobile app market and conduct a benchmark analysis as part of a British Airways mobile app project. With a large number of airlines positioning mobile apps as the digital hub of their cyberspace presence and the ever growing mobile-first traveler segment, an ongoing evaluation of this digital property is paramount to any carrier’s efforts to maintain its competitiveness in the online travel market.