SkaiBlu analyzes how your company can increase its digital brand equity. The aim is to optimize your e-marketing mix with a focus on relationship & direct marketing involving web site user personalization features, site design upgrades, compelling web site content, email campaigns, search marketing initiatives, and social media activities.
We also help develop a cost effective e-marketing budget for placement with interactive agencies and/or direct advertising with selected online/offline partners and 3rd party web sites. Competitive analyses and a suite of marketing of before/after metrics are used to deepen your understanding and secure sustained success over the long term.


E-Sales & Distribution

SkaiBlu can help maximize your e-sales with developing and implementing a strategy for expanded digital outlets and platforms, competitive web pricing initiatives, and new revenue streams from online ancillary, affiliate, and corporate programs. Equally important is the transformation of your company’s current distribution channel mix and the improvement of its cost efficiency. This can be achieved by integrating new direct distribution relationships that position your company for a more competitive position in the market place.


Web Customer Service

SkaiBlu optimizes your suite of web customer service offerings. From customer self-service tools including FAQs, site search, and virtual assistants to service agent support via email, phone, chat and instant messaging, we expand your insight where web travelers require assistance and how to implement a pre-emptive support strategy that exceeds customer expectations and resolves issues before they become a problem.


Digital Privacy Policies & Legal Notices

With ever increasing concerns in the marketplace about the handling of digital data, your company cannot afford to be in breach of legal requirements and web user expectations. The risks of lawsuits, negative PR, government fines and customer loss of trust are simply too high.

SkaiBlu has comprehensive experience in developing digital data management practices that are not only in accordance with the latest international privacy laws & directives but that are also web user friendly.

Furthermore, we help upgrade your website legal notices so that you are protected against copyright and trademark infringements by third parties.


RFP Management for E-Commerce Vendors

From online payment solution providers and web hosting companies to email handlers and digital advertising agencies, airlines rely on a host of specialty skill partners to manage their acti. The ability to source e-commerce vendors and manage them effectively enhances your company’s ability to compete successfully.

In a time of decreasing budgets and mounting priorities, it is crucial to apply management practices to your e-commerce vendors that will meet your demands for a competitive cyberspace presence. SkaiBlu will help steer your company through the RFP and contract negotiation processes and identify suitable partner(s), save you money and establish stringent performance monitoring.


Web Accessibility

In November 2013, the US Department of Transport (DOT) in its ongoing effort to ensure equal access to air transportation for all travelers, announced that US and foreign airline web sites are required to be accessible to customers with disabilities.

Under the new DOT web sites rules, covered airlines are required within two years by June 2016 to make pages of their web sites that contain core travel information and services accessible to persons with disabilities. All remaining web pages must be accessible within three years by December 2016. Failing to be compliant could result in fines and penalties for your company.

SkaiBlu can assist in the upgrade of your company’s web site content and applications so that users with disabilities have equal access. Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Expert analysis of your current web site benchmarked against the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) based on a combination of automated and manual techniques;
  • Review of your company’s web site development and maintenance processes, platforms, and tools based on interviews with selected stakeholders;
  • Development of roadmap with actionable project milestones and recommendations what items on each web page require changes for accessibility;
  • Collaboration with your web site development team to implement the necessary design and coding changes;
  • Development of policy guidelines for impacted areas and processes in your company;
  • Usability testing based on new accessibility standards.