Digital Data Privacy Signature Course

The Digital Data Privacy course will give your airline insights into global data protection challenges, risks to traveler privacy, and data privacy strategies in the digital travel space economy. Learn of data privacy best practices and benefit from discussions on trends and challenges on data privacy issues that are of critical importance to an airline.

Course Highlights

  • Identify legislative developments and consumer trends in digital data protection
  • Understand the issues of privacy vs security and privacy vs personalization
  • Examine the travel data eco system
  • Assess best digital data protection practices by leading airlines
  • Interactive breakout session analyzing your company’s current status of digital data protection program
  • Initial recommendations of how to strengthen your company’s digital data protection program

Course Outline

Section 1

The Fundamentals

  1. Privacy & data protection in a digital world
  2. A brief history on the handling of travellers’ personal data: Legislative initiatives, societal concerns, airline industry practices, and the post September 11 environment
  3. Selected airline industry data privacy case studies
  4. The travel data ecosystem: An overview of participants and data types involved
  5. Common data privacy violations and the role of “big brother” (the government) and “little brother” (digital advertising agency)
  6. Privacy versus security: The importance of traveler data in law enforcement & counter terrorism
  7. Privacy versus personalization: Airlines’ need for big data to stay competitive
  8. Profiling travelers: Privacy fundamentalist, privacy indifferent, and privacy pragmatist

Section 2

Framework for an effective digital data privacy program

  1. Key drivers and pressure points on airlines for data privacy compliance
  2. Cornerstones for a successful airline digital data privacy program
  3. The good, bad, and ugly: The quality of today’s airline digital data privacy programs – a close look at airline website privacy policies around the world
  4. The digital data privacy practices of players outside the travel space

Section 3

The future of data privacy in the digital market place

  1. Legislative data privacy developments airlines should look out for
  2. Ownership of travel data: Who owns them anyway?
  3. The monetization of data privacy
  4. Digital data privacy programs: The new brand differentiator for airlines?

Fee for this 1-Day Seminar: $1,800

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