Airline E-Commerce Organization Signature Course

The Airline E-commerce Organization course teaches how to understand all of the organizational components that account for the opportunities and challenges an airline needs to manage for an effective presence in cyberspace. Attendees will be equipped with the principles, practices, and tools to effectively align their organization design with their e-commerce strategy.

Course Highlights

  • Identify the critical components of an effective e-commerce organization
  • Understand the latest trends and developments in organizational design
  • Analyze e-commerce structures by leading companies from in- and outside the industry
  • Interactive breakout session analyzing your company’s current approach towards organizing e-commerce
  • Initial recommendations of how to build up your company’s organizational design for e-commerce

Course Outline

Section 1

The Fundamentals

  1. The emergence of the airline e-commerce organization: How airlines have integrated cyberspace in managing their business from the 1990s until now
  2. The “right” airline e-commerce organization: Does it exist?
  3. The 7 major e-commerce organization models: Strengths and weaknesses
  4. Critical components for organizing airline e-commerce organization: Objectives, governance, and resources

Section 2

Building an Effective E-Commerce Organization

  1. Structure departments, units, and divisions in which each level of management adds value
  2. Roles and responsibilities in airline e-commerce organizations: A look at legacy carriers and LCCs
  3. Who is the ideal leader of e-commerce at an airline?
  4. Organizational characteristics of leading e-commerce companies: An analysis of selected carriers and companies outside the travel space
  5. Challenges when integrating e-commerce into existing organization or how to successfully combine “e” and “commerce”
  6. The next step in airline e-commerce organizations: Managing mobile, social media, and personalization

Section 3

Challenges for Tomorrow of Airline E-Commerce Organizations

  1. Work place diversity is here to stay
  2. Organizations going mobile
  3. Hyperarchies displacing hierarchies
  4. The role of tiger teams
  5. The rise of the synchronized organization

Fee for this 1-Day Seminar: $1,800

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